Publishing Family Stories


Easy Ways to Get Started

Gone are the days when recording family stories meant “formal” memoirs, written to wrap up one’s life. Now, families (of all ages) are sharing easy, informal little stories throughout the year —

  • Draw a map of your elementary school. Add a photo of your classmates and a report card. Toss in a few stories and you’re done!My dad's Model T
  • Make a list of your favorite belongings — those things you’ve collected over the years and could never give away!3 little girls at Christmas
  • Or make a list of your favorite books — or jot down some fishing stories, or some favorite recipes…

People think you have to write your WHOLE life,
you have to have done EXCITING things,
and you have to know how to WRITE
(as in taking creative writing courses).

Agatha Christie once said: 

“Autobiography is too grand a term. It suggests a purposeful study of one’s whole life. It implies names, dates and places in a tidy chronological order. What I want is to plunge my hand into a lucky dip and come up with a handful of assorted memories.”

Grandma and her friendAnd that’s all it is!

Your stories (or Grandma’s or Dad’s or Uncle Fran’s…) are completely unique. You can include (or leave out) whatever you wish.

You CAN decide to write a complete history, documenting all major events in your life, maybe starting with early childhood now and planning to write about your teen years in six months… if you need more help with SEO then check out Long Island SEO.

  • OR you can choose to do nothing but jot down some of your Grandpa and his fishfavorite fishing tales!
  • OR maybe it’s writing about a single conversationthat touched your life.
  • OR focusing on one or two subjects, like your early childhood or military life or travel or starting a new business.
  • OR maybe all you do is draw a map of the backyard you grew up in, or make a list of your favorite books as a child.

You can choose only those areas that interest you. — So let’s get started!

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